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We make Medicare easy to understand so you can focus on what's important.

Medicare Statistics

Medicare Statistics

# of people
w/ Medicare
(65 & older)
w/ Medicare
< 65 & disabled
w/ Medicare

The Medicare Spot Difference

We understand that insurance is often a confusing and frustrating topic for many individuals.  Add with it the complexities that comes with Medicare, and it becomes easy to understand why insurance is often a topic individuals choose not to think about until they have to.

Here at The Medicare Spot, however, we don’t believe Medicare needs to be difficult.  With years of experience on our side, we understand how to navigate the complexities of Medicare to make it easy to understand.


Our Carriers

Our Products

Health Insurance for Individuals, Families, and Groups

Whether you need coverage for only yourself or for others, The Medicare Spot has health insurance plans that can connect the dots for you.

Specialized Products for Seniors

It’s a difficult topic, but as we age there are certain considerations we need to make regarding our insurance.  We can help ensure that late-age expenses are not a burden to either yourself or to your family.

Value-Added Benefits and More

How would you like the option to speak with a doctor from the privacy and comfort of your living room?  Or know that someone who cares is there to help you?  With value-added benefits from The Medicare Spot, you can rest easy knowing that we’re connecting the dots for you.  


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